About Atlantic Ave.

We created the Atlantic Ave. Company out of our love for experiencing and, most importantly, sharing in great food with our closest friends.  Our goal is to bring the simple pleasures of true artisan cooking to as many people as possible by preparing food that is sophisticated and nuanced, in the simplest format possible.  Inspired by the inventive and endlessly imaginative food culture that thrives in New York City, we know this is the right moment to bring the flavor of Atlantic Ave. to your table.   

All of Atlantic Ave.'s products share the uncompromising and hand-crafted qualities that define our brand. Our small batch Red Sauces start with fresh herb-infused Organic extra virgin olive oil, true San Marzano tomatoes, Cabernet Sauvignon, and carefully sourced specialty ingredients like hand-made Pancetta and imported Porcini mushrooms. You'll find only fresh ingredients here: No preservatives, no tomato paste, and no added sugar, ever. 

As the company grows, we will partner with other local producers to bring you offerings that match the commitment we put into our Red Sauce.  You can trust that Atlantic Ave. products will stay true to their heritage while exploring new methods and flavors, always sourced as sustainably and responsibly as is possible.  

 So next weekend, open a good bottle of wine (we’ve got the pairings covered for you), bring friends, and dine in before a night out.