Big Mozz Catering & Smorgasburg



Every Saturday and Sunday @ Smorgasburg 11am-6pm
Now available for catering!  Email [email protected] for information and our menu.  Let us bring our mozzarella stretching station to your wedding, gala, or corporate event.
Big Mozz Stretching Classes are now open - Reserve yours today.  Great for office events!
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Big Mozz is a new vendor at Smorgasburg, serving freshly pulled mozzarella every Saturday and Sunday in Williamsburg and Brooklyn Bridge Park.  
We stretch fresh mozzarella right inside our booth, with a menu based on the tangy, umami goodness of our locally-sourced cheese, pulled straight from the water.  
Mozz Pops with PestoMozz Bombs injected with Pesto or spicy HarissaMaple Bacon Mozz Skewers with HoneyA delicious Mozz BombBuffalo Mozz Sliders with handmade picklesCarolina Pulled Pork with Burrata ColeslawMozz Sticky Buns with Prosciutto, Honey, and PistachioBurrata Coleslaw
Fresh mozzarella is made from two ingredients: cheese curd, and hot water. BIG MOZZ has partnered with Caputo Brothers Creamery in Yor, PA, who makes curd from happy, grass-fed cows' milk. It’s cultured (rather than chemically separated like 99%+ of other fresh mozzarella in the US) which gives it a glorious tangy flavor, and super low lactose.

Matt Gallira and Elliott Anderson are high school classmates and teammates (Matt went on to row at Dartmouth; Elliott rowed and played rugby at Syracuse) with a passion for new experiences, especially those that involve huge amounts of food.

After launching The Atlantic Ave. Company last year with his hand-made Red Sauces, Matt and Elliott partnered up to bring Big Mozz to life for Smorgasburg. Matt’s experience in the food business, paired with Elliott’s financial savvy, make them a perfect team to keep our 2015 offerings fresh and innovative.

Look for Big Mozz every Saturday and Sunday at Smorgasburg.  We can also bring our mozzarella stretching station to your next party, corporate event, and wedding.  Email [email protected] for details.  

Now also offering Mozzarella Stretching Classes!  Email for info.